Daniel Kaluuya chants ‘I am a revolutionary’ in trailer for Black Panther film


Daniel Kaluuya can be seen leading supporters in a chant of “I am a revolutionary” in the first trailer for a new film about Black Panther leader Fred Hampton.

The Get Out actor reunites with his Black Panther director Ryan Coogler for Judas And The Black Messiah, on which Coogler serves as a producer.

Hampton was shot and killed by police during an apartment raid in 1969 when he was 21.

His supporters claimed he was assassinated with help from the FBI.

The trailer gives a look at Lakeith Stanfield as William O’Neal, an FBI informant who infiltrated the Black Panther party and was close to Hampton, and Jesse Plemons as the FBI agent who recruits him.

It shows Hampton giving a passionate speech in which he says: “You can murder a revolutionary but you can’t murder a revolution.

“You can murder a freedom fighter but you can’t murder freedom.”

Discussing that quote in relation to the current Black Lives Matter movement, Coogler told a press conference: “For me, that quote is so powerful because it’s absolutely true. The thing that is so powerful about chairman Fred Hampton is that when he spoke, everything was true, he spoke universal truths that were so sharp it was like a truth that you didn’t recognise, like why did that never dawn on me before?

“How is it that they murdered this man at 21 years of age, assassinated this man, calculated and tactically went in there and did what they did, and used misinformation afterwards.

“And the people that were responsible for this, a lot of them are still alive, still around, these ideas are still ever present, these systems that chairman was fighting for to be demolished, or to raise awareness of.

“Their constant attacks on poor people, on black people, those systems are still here.

“The fact they assassinated him but we are still here today, this film is being made, and his son is still here speaking to some of those universal truths, proves the truth of that statement and how it relates to the fight today.

“We are still fighting the same beef, we are still fighting the same monsters, we are still fighting the same system, it hasn’t gone anywhere.”