Protesters march for NHS worker injured in racially aggravated hit-and-run

Protesters have marched down the road where a young NHS worker was seriously injured in a racially aggravated hit-and-run.

Dozens gathered on Monks Park Avenue in Bristol, where the victim – who wishes only to be referred to as K or Kdogg, the name he uses when performing music – was driven at on July 22.

The 21-year-old had just finished a shift at nearby Southmead Hospital and was walking to the bus stop while listening to Stormzy through his headphones when the incident took place at about 4.30pm.

On Sunday, people gathered on the street holding placards reading Black Lives Matter, No Justice, No Peace and Kdogg.

Bristol hit and run incident
Bristol hit and run incident

They marched down the road and around the surrounding area, before speeches were made where the incident took place.

Protesters then placed their placards at the spot where K was injured, where damage is still visible to a wall that was struck by the vehicle.

One of the organisers said: “We had a protest to stand up and say what happened to young K isn’t acceptable.

“I contacted him the day that I found out about what happened and we spoke a few days later.

“He was really overwhelmed by all the support and he gave us the go ahead for this protest.

“When we first started today there were probably about 30 of us and by the end, there were people who stopped their cars and joined us.

“We need people to see us, understand us and then join us so to see that happening today in response to what happened to young K – that’s what we need.”

Protest at Monks Park Avenue attack
Protest at Monks Park Avenue attack

Avon and Somerset Police has said the attack is being treated as racially aggravated due to the racist language used by the occupants of the vehicle that drove into K.

Two men, both aged 18, were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder on Saturday morning.

K, a keen footballer, has been left unable to walk without crutches, only able to sleep sitting up in a chair and requiring regular hospital treatment for his injuries.

Doctors have said it will take a minimum of six months before K is able to do most things but it will take longer for him to be back to full fitness.

He has been left permanently scarred, with surgeons unable to remove glass and grit in his face.

A fundraising page set up by his friend, Simeon Mccarthy, has received more than £43,000 in donations, and has been supported by the band Massive Attack.

Mr Mccarthy said the money would go directly to K to support him through his recovery “in whichever way he sees fit”.

The fundraising page can be found at