Peerages for PM’s brother, Tory grandees and Brexit backers

The Prime Minister has nominated his brother Jo Johnson, his chief strategic adviser Sir Edward Lister and several Tory grandees for peerages, while a suite of Brexiteers are also set for the Lords.

Philip May, husband of Theresa May, Boris Johnson's predecessor in Downing Street, is also destined for a knighthood, a list of nominations published on Friday showed.

Ex-England cricket player and Brexit supporter Sir Ian Botham, newspaper owner Evgeny Lebedev and former leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson will also head to the House of Lords.

The 36-strong list includes numerous former MPs who rebelled against the Labour position to back Brexit, including Kate Hoey, Ian Austin, and Gisela Stuart.

Notable absentees from the list include the last Commons speaker John Bercow and Labour's former deputy leader Tom Watson.

Former chancellors Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond
Former chancellors Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond

But Mr Johnson did pick Conservative former chancellors Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond for peerages, after he stripped them from the Tory whip after they defied him over Brexit.

He also selected his own brother Jo, who dealt his older sibling a major blow in resigning from his Cabinet citing "the national interest".

Sir Edward, a long-term ally of the Prime Minister having supported him as London mayor, also made Mr Johnson's list for peerages.