Natalie Elphicke backed by local Conservative association

Natalie Elphicke’s local Conservative association says she retains their “full support”.

It comes after the MP’s husband, former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke, was convicted of sexually assaulting two women on Thursday.

He served as Dover MP between 2010 and 2019 when he was succeeded by Ms Elphicke.

Elphicke was released on bail but was warned by Judge Mrs Justice Whipple that he faces the “very real possibility” of jail.

Charlie Elphicke
Charlie Elphicke

In a statement after yesterday’s court hearing, Ms Elphicke said: “Today’s verdict is one that brings profound sorrow.

“It ends my 25-year marriage to the only man I have ever loved.”

On Friday, Keith Single, chairman of Dover & Deal Conservative Association, expressed his support for Ms Elphicke.

He said: “This was a legal matter and as an association our focus has always been on supporting our candidate and councillors to try to deliver a brighter future for Dover & Deal.

“In that regard the only thing I want to say is that Natalie retains our full support. She has an incredibly impressive professional background and has done an excellent job since becoming MP.

“She was was of course strongly endorsed by both our members and the wider public locally.

“I think everyone should (give) Natalie a bit of space to reflect on what must be an immensely difficult time for her and her family.

“She has shown us many times what a strong character she is and I have no doubt she’ll be back soon fighting tirelessly for her community again.”