‘Up yours corona’ message played at Piccadilly Circus

Greg James and BBC Radio 1’s video featuring people from around the world telling coronavirus “up yours” has played on the big screens in Piccadilly Circus.

The radio presenter, 34, recruited 193 people in 193 countries for his Up Yours Corona campaign.

A selection of the messages were played at Piccadilly Circus on Wednesday and also on Radio 1.

The videos featured people delivering the line in their native languages.

Radio 1 “Up Yours Corona” campaign
Radio 1 “Up Yours Corona” campaign

The campaign was prompted by a listener called Esther who vented her frustrations about lockdown and told coronavirus “up yours” while live on James’ breakfast show.

Later, listener Sian phoned in from Germany and also told the virus “up yours” after it led to her holiday being cancelled.