What the papers say – July 28

Problems for those wanting to jet abroad for a summer holiday feature on many of Tuesday’s front pages alongside other stories on the coronavirus pandemic.

The Times leads with a warning that no travel is “risk-free” as there are fears quarantine restrictions will be extended to people visiting other countries, a story which also leads the i.

The Daily Telegraph says that quarantine restrictions will be cut to ten days if people returning from Spain test negative for the virus.

While The Guardian leads on worries about a second wave of Covid-19 in Europe.

Metro reports that only one person has been fined for not adhering to regulations forcing travellers from abroad to self-isolate.

The Daily Mirror reports that 14 million Britons are to “stay at home” amid what it calls a “quarantine shambles”.

While the Daily Mail reports that summer holidays “hang in the balance”, with similar angles leading the Daily Express and Daily Star.

And the Financial Times looks at the fiscal impact of Covid-19, reporting the dollar has fallen to its lowest level since 2018 and gold has increased in value amid the pandemic.