Lioness and male lion go head-to-head

Story and video from SWNS

This stunning footage shows a showdown between a lioness and a male lion, but he really is just a big cat looking for love.

Photographer Urmil Jhaveri was on hand to capture the thrilling spat between a male lion and his would be mate on camera. The aggressive-looking pre-mating behaviour was shot in the Gir Forest, Gujarat, India.

Nature photographer Urmil, 29, said: "Gujarat's Gir Forest is the only place on earth where you can observe the royal Asiatic lions.

"This place is very much close to my heart and I am attached to it emotionally as well.

"This video shows the fight between male and female Asiatic lions. It's a pre-mating behaviour of lions but rarely seen in the wild.

"I have been observing and documenting Asiatic lions, for close to nine years now, and have never ever come across such moment. I am thrilled and super excited to have filmed this moment."