Neighbour traps car in scaffolding cage during bizarre parking row

Scaffolding car
A local policeman shared pictures of a car blocked in with scaffolding as a result of a neighbourhood row. (Twitter/Inspector Darren)

Arguments over parking can result in all sorts of strife, but it seems that one row took things to the next level after a car was left trapped by scaffolding.

A local policeman was surprised to find the Volkswagen boxed in by scaffolding poles in Haywards Heath, West Sussex in England.

Sharing pictures of the caged car on Twitter, Inspector Darren Taylor, from Mid Sussex Police, wrote: “Over 20 years in Policing I have dealt with many neighbour disputes/parking issues but nothing like this one which the team are dealing with at the moment in Haywards Heath!”

He added: “Need to speak to an individual who thinks this is acceptable to do this to someone's elses vehicle !”

The scaffolding appeared to have built around the blue estate, effectively forming a cage making it impossible to move it.

Watch video below

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It’s not the first time a neighbourhood dispute has resulted in extreme measures.

In 2017 a row between neighbours over a parking space escalated to the point where a car was vandalised with graffiti in Hampshire and in the same year a woman ruined the view from her neighbours’ £1million home by putting up a huge fence inches from their windows.