Daisy May Cooper shares fake tan fiasco

Daisy May Cooper left fans in hysterics after sharing details of a fake tan fiasco.

The This Country star shared a photo of herself on Instagram in which she has patches of deep tan all over her face.

She wrote: "PLEASE HELP. I am filming a new show tomorrow and at 11pm last night thought it would be a good idea to tan my face using Poundland fake tanning mousse and have woken up like this.

"I have tried EXFOLIATING and using toner but NOTHING WORKS. Please please can someone help me."

One follower told her he was "crying" with laughter at the photo, while others asked if the picture was a joke but others offered tips on how to help.

She later replied: "Thank you so much for your comments, managed to get rid of the patches with a steamer and baby oil so doesn't look as bad but still very orange."

She also shared another selfie which showed her face looking more evenly tanned.