JK Rowling shares children’s illustrations for her new book

JK Rowling has shared illustrations she has been sent by children for her new fairy tale.

The author announced last week that The Ickabog would be made available for free online for children in lockdown or back at school.

At the time of the announcement, Rowling asked children to send in their illustrations, adding that the best drawings would be published in the book when it is released in November.

She has subsequently been sharing pictures she has been sent on social media.

Addressing one young fan, who had sent a picture of a monster, Rowling wrote: “Amelia, this is a fantastic picture and I love everything about it.

“You’re clearly a talented artist: you’ve combined elements from the different myths to make a beautiful but fearsome monster!”

Rowling shared another image by a fan, which showed a map of the story’s fictional setting.

Alongside the illustration, she wrote: “Look at this map! Utterly wonderful – you’ve got everything, Arlo!

“That’s just how I imagine Cornucopia and the detail you’ve got into the picture is extraordinary, right down to all the livestock, the city within the city, the palace and the poor Marshlands!”

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