Car dealers given go-ahead to offer click and collect services

Though dealerships will remain closed until June 1 at the earliest, people will be able to take delivery of a new car through click and collect services, it has been announced.

In a new government document, rules have been clearly laid out stating which businesses cannot currently open for business – with car dealerships included.

However, it does appear that those retail firms will be able to operate with click and collect services – giving buyers the green light to purchase a new car.

The document states: “All retail, other than those exempt, must close their premises to members of the public.

“However, staff may be present to make deliveries or provide services in response to orders such as those through telephone, online, or mail.

“Click and collect services can also operate, though customers must not enter premises listed in the left-hand column.”

This list includes car showrooms, but goes on to explain that “to reduce social contact, the government has required by law the businesses and venues in the left-hand column to close to members of the public”.

It means that car dealerships will have to remain closed until June 1 at the very earliest – but will be able to trade via click and collect. Though that date is not explicitly stated on the government document, it’s widely believed that dealerships will be allowed to reopen then.

The new click and collect service should be able to free up a backlog of orders which many dealerships have accumulated during lockdown, while consumers will be able to get their hands on cars which they may have ordered prior to or during the lockdown restrictions.