Knitter makes dolls as ‘kind gesture’ for team of nurses on mental health ward

A knitter has hand made dolls for a team of mental health nurses to cheer them up as they work on the front line.

Anne Gleave Lowe, whose daughter-in-law works on the acute mental health ward at Tameside Hospital in Manchester, has been making dolls to cheer up the team during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Showing off a photo of her doll, Terrie Mitchell, a nurse on the ward, tweeted: “Happy International Nurses’ Day from me and my mini me… Massive thanks to Suzanne’s mother-in-law who made all the team their own cute little NHS doll.”

Ms Mitchell, 37, said: “A family member of another nurse within the team is making them [the dolls] for all the staff.

“It’s such a kind gesture and a lovely surprise for the team. Anne and I have never met but I think she’s captured our characters perfectly.

“She’s included everyone too; nurses, nursing assistants, admin, housekeepers.”

“The staff on my ward go above and beyond… not only do the nurses and nursing assistants care selflessly for their patients but they look after and support one another,” Ms Mitchell said.

“We’re like a family, and they have made the restrictions of being unable see our own friends and family easier because we go to work and have each other.”

The kind gesture comes as the UK celebrates International Nurses’ Day, which some members of the public are choosing to mark by lighting a candle in their window.