Woman captures swarm of intruders on doorbell camera

By Morgan Greenwald, In The Know

Who's that at the front door setting off the security camera? Oh, right, just a swarm of bees.

This has been the reality for Arizona resident Keli Harper since the end of April. Evidently, so many bees have taken up residence outside of her family's front door that they've even started setting off the security camera.

"When I checked the cameras, I literally could not even see my front porch. It just seemed like there was so many — thousands of them," Harper told CBS 5.

When the bees aren't swarming around and setting off the security camera, they're often clumped together in a giant, terrifying mass.

"I'm looking at an area of three feet, and it looks like a bad paint job with texture because there's so many of them," Harper said.

Evidently, the cluster of bees has made it hard for Harper to get deliveries. Through her security camera, she's seen FedEx and UPS drivers run away from her front porch upon realiszing what the textured mass is.

"I was speechless. My heart was pounding so much. I just couldn't even — I was afraid to even go to the door," Keli's son Austin said.

Thankfully, Harper was able to find a beekeeper to safely remove the bees. All in all, there were "almost three pounds" of them. Yikes.

- This story first appeared on In The Know