Four-year-old ‘saves mother’s life’ by calling 999 after severe asthma attack

A mother says her four-year-old daughter saved her life by calling 999 when she suffered a severe asthma attack.

Katie Humphries was playing with Faye at their home in Southampton, Hampshire, when she became ill and her inhalers failed to help her breathe, and she started to become numb in her arms and legs.

After telling her daughter that “Mummy needs help”, the youngster called 999 and asked for an ambulance.

Ms Humphries told PA: “She said ‘Mummy can’t breathe’, they asked how old I was, she couldn’t answer how old, they then asked what is my name and she answered ‘Mummy Humphries’.

“They stayed on the phone with her all the time and she let the paramedics in. She was so calm for a four-year-old.”

The 32-year-old, who is studying to become a solicitor, said that after the paramedics arrived, she suffered a second asthma attack and needed an adrenaline injection before she was taken to hospital.

Praising her daughter, Ms Humphries said: “If it wasn’t for her, I do not think I would be here now because I couldn’t get my breath, my chest was getting tighter and tighter, my hands and feet were tingly, it was really the worst asthma attack I’ve had.”

She added: “When I got home from the hospital, she asked me ‘Mummy, am I in trouble?’ because I have always told her 999 is not to be played around with, but I said because it was an emergency you are allowed to call 999.”