Family use 'hug glove' so they can cuddle grandma

Carolyn Ellis of Ontario, Canada wasn't going to let coronavirus restrictions stop her giving her mother a big hug.

So, she and her husband, Andrew, devised a safe way to do it, using what he called a "hug glove."

The hug glove consists of a plastic sheet with sleeves that allows hugs to be given while preventing direct contact.

Ellis said her mother "is usually a great support for us with our boys" and had been struggling with not hugging them for the past couple of months.

"I thought of this idea while we are all self-isolating during the coronavirus threat," she told Storyful.

"We wanted to help my mom out as much as we can to make sure she is staying healthy and well."

Ellis said her husband also wanted to give her the gift of a warm embrace with her mother, describing it as the "best gift ever!"

"We were all in tears!" she said.