Exmoor Zoo celebrates birth of four capybaras

Keepers at Exmoor Zoo in Devon are celebrating the birth of four baby capybaras.

The babies, dubbed “minibara” by staff, are currently about the size of a guinea pig but will grow quickly.

Adult capybaras reach the size of sheep, measuring 18 inches high and 4ft long, and weighing about 70kg.

Their Latin name Hydrochoerus hydrocaheris means water hog, with their native habitat the swamps and rivers of the Amazon and south America.

Four baby capybaras were born at Exmoor Zoo
Four baby capybaras were born at Exmoor Zoo

A spokesman for Exmoor Zoo said: “The wet winters here on Exmoor and fresh Atlantic rain dropped onto the moorland is perfect for these animals as it springs out from the ground creating mud wallows and bubbling brooks.

“Not so keen on the harsh sun though, as they have skin which needs to protection from the sun with good mud layers.

“We consider with a little shelter from the worst of the winter elements and direct sun they would adapt well here.”

The zoo is currently closed due to lockdown restrictions.

It has been running a fundraising campaign, which can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-our-zoo.