What the papers say – May 10

The expected unveiling of a coronavirus alert system with a new message to ‘control the virus’ dominates Sunday’s papers.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that the Prime Minister will employ a new slogan as part of the unveiling and tell the nation to “Stay alert” .

The Sunday Express says the threat from the virus is “still critical” but expresses hope that the new alert system “will bring epidemic under control at last”.

Britain will have a virus death toll of about 100,000 if lockdown measures are relaxed “too fast”, according to scientists cited by The Sunday Times.

But the Sunday Mirror says doctors have warned there is a “fatal flaw” in the new trace and track app, which it adds will “fail to find half of cases”.

Trade union leaders warn in The Observer that they will not tell their members to return to work unless safety standards are improved.

According to TheMail on Sunday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson have had a “bust-up” and Mr Hancock has asked the Prime Minister to “Give me a break”.

Tens of thousands of old age pensioners are at risk as their care homes are “on the brink of collapse”, reports Sunday People.

And the Daily Star Sunday says comedian Leigh Francis “keeps getting his privates grabbed” by drunk female fans, but he blames his “lewd telly persona” Keith Lemon for the assaults.