Miriam Margolyes faces backlash for saying she wanted Boris Johnson ‘to die’

Miriam Margolyes is facing a backlash after saying she wanted Boris Johnson "to die" from coronavirus.

The actress, 78, who was appearing on Channel 4's The Last Leg on Friday night, told the programme that the Government's handling of the pandemic has been a "disgrace" and a "public scandal".

She added that she "had difficulty not wanting Boris Johnson to die".

"I wanted him to die and then I thought that reflects badly on me and I don't want to be the sort of person who wants people to die," Margolyes added.

"So then I wanted him to get better, which he did do.

"But he didn't get better as a human being and I really would prefer that."

Her comments were criticised by some on social media.

One user commented: "There are things that are off limits and not funny.

"Whilst I am not a fan of Boris, wishing another person dead is not funny on any level.

"I do like Miriam Margolyes and she is unpredictable, but some things are best left unsaid."

Another said that the actress has "let herself down badly with this comment and should offer a fulsome apology".

Meanwhile, others praised the "honesty" of her remarks.