Mum astounded by daughter's obvious 'magic' trick: 'How'd you do that?!'

Today in ridiculously wholesome content — a mother was beyond impressed with her daughter's inventive magic trick, which barely even qualified as a sleight of hand.

Jackie Gansky, an actress and TikTok star from Pennsylvania, shared a video of herself demonstrating the sly trick for her mum, Nancy, which involved two green cups and two lemons.

While the first cup remained on the counter in front of the pair, Gansky showed her mum one of the lemons before covering it with the second green cup. Unbeknownst to her mother, the first cup was housing its own, secret lemon the entire time.

Gansky then waved her fingers over the setup as a magician might do before lifting up both cups. By holding onto the lemon underneath the second cup and revealing only the lemon under the first cup, Gansky made it appear as though she was able to magically transfer the lemon from cup to cup.

Although TikTok viewers remained privy to her hijinks the entire time, her mother looked as though she's watched someone come back from the dead, in what might be one of the purest reactions of all time.

"What the heck, how'd you do that?!" she exclaimed at the end of the clip after Gansky lifted up both of the cups to reveal that the lemons had multiplied.

Naturally, people are obsessed with Nancy's reaction to the simple feat — the video has since racked up over 16 million views on TikTok.

"I'm loving this. you're a magician. your mum NEVER knew," one user wrote.

"Pls tell me this was a real reaction," said another.

Many users expressed the desire to try out the trick on their own mums or even their kids to see if they could get a similar, priceless reaction.

Gansky, who has over 510,000 followers on the video-sharing platform, regularly shares funny clips of herself pranking her family members, whom she is currently quarantined with.

One particular video ended up with her being grounded by her father, according to her mom.