Bugatti shares bespoke Divo hypercar configurations

Bugatti has shared some of the bespoke designs its customers have created for the forthcoming Divo hypercar.

The luxury car maker says two-thirds of buyers have specified unique creations of the circa £4.4 million car.

Bespoke Bugatti Divo Interior
Bespoke Bugatti Divo Interior

Buyers can visit Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim, France, to learn about the history of the brand before sitting down with sales and operations manager Laure Beneteau, as well as a designer and an engineer.

The firm says the choice of colours and materials is almost endless, and while some customers like to be guided to the end result, others come with a distinct idea of what they want.

The high art of coachbuilding enables a very limited number of hyper sports cars not only a distinctive and one-of-a-kind bodywork but also a unique and one-of-a-kind driving personality.

— Bugatti (@Bugatti) May 7, 2020

“Some customers choose the leather and colour to match their handbag or their favourite pair of shoes,” says sales coordinator Anne Beynat.

The only limitations are that their ideas must not impair vehicle safety or change the Bugatti logo.

Anne Beynat, Bugatti
Anne Beynat, Bugatti

Some examples of unique touches customers have requested have included embossed children’s footprints in the rear panel of the Veyron, the first name of their partner embroidered in the door pockets, or crystals in the cockpit.

Benetau explains that when specifying such an exclusive and expensive car, it takes more than simply picking colours and optional equipment. She says: “We accompany them as they choose their cars. But that is not all we do. They can dream with us. Almost every wish that makes a Bugatti unique? We can make it come true.”