Amanda Holden wears dress made entirely of money to work

Amanda Holden is a fan of a lockdown costume. (Getty Images)
Amanda Holden is a fan of a lockdown costume. (Getty Images)

It’s undeniable that Amanda Holden is a big fan of getting out the fancy dress box during the coronavirus lockdown.

We’ve already seen her mowing the lawn in her wedding dress and now she has kicked it up a notch by turning up to work in a dress made of money.

The Heart Radio presenter doesn’t do things by half and since the breakfast show - which she co-hosts alongside Jamie Theakston - is giving away £1 million, it was only fitting that she turned up to work like this.

Heart’s make me a millionaire competition saw one winner scoop up the biggest cash prize ever won on the radio.

Hopefully they don’t have to pull the money off of Holden’s dress.

We’ve got to admit, Holden’s Instagram account has been full to the brim with prime lockdown entertainment. These range from TikTok videos with her children to little behind the scenes glimpses of her radio station’s offices during lockdown.

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Fans were quick to question whether the notes on the presenter’s dress were real.

Understandably, they weren’t, but that didn’t stop Holden’s 1.4 million followers from gushing over how great the ensemble looked.

“OMG fabulous!!!” Former The Only Way Is Essex star, Jess Wright said.

“Only Amanda can go outside in a money dress.” Another fan added.

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Holden’s stylist, Karl Willett, also posted the dress on his Instagram page, giving us a bit of a behind the scenes look at the creation of the dress.

It was made in conjunction with Grace Lane Studio, a London-based dressmaker, who described the collaboration as “the dream team”.

Willett added: “Someone’s life will change forever today.”

Grace Lane usually specialises in wedding dresses, so this custom gown might’ve been rather far removed from what the designer is used to.

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One thing’s for sure, we’re all waiting with bated breath for what the 49-year-old comes out with next.

She’s doing her bit to lift the spirits of the nation with her really quite hilarious take on lockdown life.

One of Holden’s more recent videos shows her pretending to dial the phone using her cats paw, a video that’s popular on the social media app, TikTok.

Another funny video to appear on her Instagram page included her two daughters, Hollie, 8 and Alexa, 14.

The caption read “This is how we ended another day of home schooling… with PE!” followed by a funny video of the three of them dancing and a cameo from the dog.

“According to my daughter Lexi (on the roof) this has gone viral on TikTok, but I’m yet to get onboard officially! NB: the roof is structurally sound and 8 foot wide before anyone writes on the back of a postcard.” She added.