What the papers say- May 7

Most of the nation’s papers are led by speculation that Boris Johnson is set to announce the lifting of lockdown measures.

The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and i report stay-at-home restrictions will be “scrapped” as of Monday.

The Sun says the decision will leave Britons “free to enjoy picnics in parks, unlimited exercise and some sports”, in what the Daily Express calls the nation’s “first steps to freedom”.

Meanwhile the Daily Star has dubbed the potential lifting as “magic Monday”.

Easing the stay-at-home order is the first step in a “50-page plan” to charter the nation’s route out of lockdown, according to the Daily Mirror.

The Financial Times says the loosening of lockdown measures will also involve the tightening of border controls.

Elsewhere, The Guardian and Metro lead with the UK’s testing numbers falling well below the 100,000 target.

Testing for key workers has been suspended “because of a shortage of vital chemicals”, according to The Independent.

And The Times says new research shows obese people run twice the risk of needing to be admitted to hospital for coronavirus.