The Captain’s Log with Worcestershire’s Joe Leach

Worcestershire skipper Joe Leach is the latest county contributor to PA’s lockdown chronicle.

The 29-year-old talks early morning daddy duty, the ‘Rapids Relay’ and bowling at the garage wall.

How are you coping with the lack of cricket?

Worcestershire captain Joe Leach is missing the cricket season.
Worcestershire captain Joe Leach is missing the cricket season.

“The same as everyone else who just wants to be out playing. I’m missing it greatly but it’s hard to know what to think. With what’s going on in the world it’s no stranger than it is for anyone else in the population.”

What are the best parts of life in lockdown?

“I’ve got a seven-month old boy and it’s great getting to spend a lot of time with him as a family. I’m mucking in! I had been looking at 10 days of solid sleep on the pre-season tour to Abu Dhabi but since we came back I’m very much on the early morning shift. It’s nice to have a bit of a routine.”

How have the club been getting involved in the community?

“We have been running something called the ‘Rapids Relay’ for the Acorns Children’s Hospice. Between us we’re covering nearly 1000 miles in seven days, the distance we’d have travelled in the Vitality Blast group stages this season. Our coach Alex Gidman deserves the credit for coming up with the idea. It’s been really nice to see the support we’ve had, including some of the county’s under-11 and under-12 players running legs alongside us virtually. It’s nice to touch base with the guys and focus on a really worthwhile cause.”

Have you discovered any creative home workouts?

“I’ve been through the lot – throwing medicine balls around, trying to get a run-up in at the garden, bowling against the garden wall. That’s not going to do too much damage at my pace but some of the quicker lads might have a bit more trouble!”

What are you missing most about the county circuit?

“I’m a martyr to the county grind, I love it, but a week ago I might have struggled for an answer. Since we’ve been involved in the ‘Rapids Relay’ I’ve realised I just miss the challenge we have as professional sportsmen. We’re constantly in a battle to win or to draw. With these hour-long runs being for a good cause I’ve noticed a real sense of purpose again.”

How do you think things will be different when cricket returns?

“A couple of seasons ago I had a stress fracture so I missed three-quarters of a season. When I got back I felt such a sense of appreciation and I imagine that is what most of the guys will be experiencing when we come off this long lay-off. Speaking philosophically it’s just important we look after this game for the future. We are its guardians and at an unprecedented time and we’ve got to keep the show on the road.”

What new entertainment have you discovered in lockdown?

Welcome to the last resort. Ozark is now streaming.

— Netflix (@netflix) July 23, 2017

“With my little boy I’m nothing the lads who are smashing through the series. I just sat down to watch episode two of Ozark on Netflix, now bear in mind I started the first episode seven weeks ago and you’ve got the idea.”

Name and shame time, who is the worst on the club’s Whatsapp group?

“Ben Cox is always useless. You can throw him under the bus on this one.”