What the papers say – May 5

A coronavirus contact-tracing app and a promising antibody test are among the main topics on the front pages on Tuesday.

The Times and the i cover the app, with the former telling the public to download it and “get UK back to work”.

The Daily Express also covers the app, saying the UK has been shown a “glimmer of hope” as daily deaths from the virus fell to their lowest level since March.

The Government is in talks with pharmaceutical firm Roche over rolling out an antibody test for the virus which has 99% accuracy, according to The Independent.

The Daily Mail says Health Secretary Matt Hancock has ordered an “urgent review” into whether ethnicity, obesity and gender increase the risk of death from coronavirus.

Any spike in Covid-19 infections after lockdown measures are lifted could lead to affected local areas facing further restrictions, warns the Daily Mirror.

Trade unions say in The Guardian that workers “may refuse to turn up or stage walk-outs” unless the Government guarantees their safety on the job when the lockdown is eased.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to get Britons back to work has put “business and unions at odds” and seeking clarity, the Financial Times says.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak warns in The Daily Telegraph that the cost of the Government’s furlough scheme is not sustainable, with the paper reporting that more than half of all adults are now paid by state.

The Sun says it has learned the Government has told industry groups that social distancing “may be in place for up to a year”.

Metro says “Thank You and Good Nightingale” to the flagship hospital after it was “mothballed” due to virus numbers declining in London.

And the Daily Star urges readers to “Stop going off like the clappers”, as it reports “wild” weekly applause for NHS staff has increased admissions to accident and emergency departments.