International Rugby League chief executive Nigel Wood to retire at end of season

International Rugby League chief executive Nigel Wood will retire at the end of the season.

Wood has been on the IRL board for 18 years and has previously been chairman and deputy chairman.

He said: “It has been the privilege of my life to serve the cause of international rugby league over the past 18 years.

“I’m proud of the growth and diversification of international rugby league since 2000 and I am looking forward to watching the most inclusive World Cup next year when men, women and wheelchair players will compete on an equal basis.

“International rugby league represents the greatest opportunity rugby league has to move to the next level and I know there are some exciting plans ahead.

“I would like to thank and pay tribute to the many friends and colleagues around the world who have built international rugby league on the back of passion, commitment and relentless energy and they will continue to help it grow and thrive. I wish them every success in the world.”