Australian 87-year-old grandma discovers new thrill as son drives fast around streets

This 87-year-old grandma with Alzheimer's discovered a newfound passion for all things fast and furious as her son drives fast around the streets of Central Coast, Australia.

Hendrika makes car noises as her son, Jason, puts his foot down as they rocket around a locked down Australian neighbourhood.

Jason told Newsflare: "In lockdown and unable to visit her weekly shops, she's now satisfied with a quick spin around the suburb... within the speed limit of course!"

Jason is shown asking his mother if she's ready, and when she gives the green light, he outs the pedal to the metal. Hendrika's whole face lights up and she even makes an excited car engine noise in her excitement.

The heartwarming clip also shows how happy it makes Jason to put a smile on his mum's face.