World War Two veteran with lung condition given all-clear after Covid-19 battle

A Second World War veteran with a long-standing lung condition has been given the all-clear to go home after spending six days battling Covid-19.

Douglas Moore was admitted to Kettering General Hospital on April 15 after having a fall as well as having a high temperature and a cough.

The 98-year-old, from Wellingborough in Northamptonshire, said he felt “very special” after nurses gave him a round of applause as he was discharged on Wednesday.

Mr Moore said: “They were very good to me in hospital and I felt very special when they gave me a clap and a cheer when I left today.

“I think they are all absolutely wonderful and the hospital is wonderful too.”

The war veteran served in the 8th Army as a signaller, and was one of the pioneers in the use of radar in Egypt where it was used to spot enemy planes, boats and mines.

Mr Moore’s daughter Margaret Tuffin, who lives with her father, said: “The reason an ambulance was called was because my dad had a fall and he was also coughing and had a temperature.

“Fortunately he wasn’t badly injured in the fall, but they kept him in because he had coronavirus. He has now recovered enough to come home – even though he has a long-standing lung condition.

“Now he’s home he likes to sit in the garden and watch the world go by, and enjoys watching the wildlife.”

Mr Moore’s grandson, Lee Tuffin, also from Wellingborough, said: “My granddad is just an amazing man. He is always worried more about everyone else than himself.

“His memory is surprisingly good for his age and everyone who meets him loves him, and they can’t get over the fact he is 98.”

Ward Sister Lucy Elliott, who works at Kettering General Hospital, said: “We were just so impressed with Mr Moore. He was lovely to look after and a very nice chap.

“We wanted to give him a good send-off, so we did him a clap with all the team as he went off in his wheelchair to the ambulance to take him home.

“We said we would miss him and he said he would miss us, too. It’s so great to see him recover from Covid and be well enough to go home.”