NHS workers sent special message of thanks from depths of North Sea

North Sea divers have taken the coronavirus rainbow trail underwater with a message of support to the NHS.

They were photographed 110 metres under the sea with a poster reading “thank you to the NHS”.

The divers are from the support vessel Rever Polaris and are members of the RMT union.

Working 110 metres down in the Jura Field for the oil and gas company Total, they provide operational, maintenance and repair works for rigs 24 hours a day.

RMT said it had reports of more than 100 diver medics signing up as volunteers to help ease the pressure on NHS staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mick Cash, general secretary of the union, said: “RMT is proud of our members who are carrying out their own essential work deep below the North Sea taking the trouble to send out their own message of support to our NHS workers.

“This is what trade union solidarity is all about.

“RMT members are keeping the energy supplies flowing, the trains, Tubes, lorries and buses running and the ships bringing essential supplies sailing.

“It is the efforts of a huge army of essential workers across a wide range of services that will pull us through this crisis and they deserve every bit of the public support that will be on display again this evening.”