Grandma reveals how she stays sexy in her seventies

Eva Chapman
Eva Chapman

A sexy septuagenarian who felt "like a worn out pig's bladder" after the menopause says she became a "rampant flirt" in her 60s and now, a grandma-of-seven, is a magnet for handsome 20-something men.

Dressing in miniskirts and fake leopard print, Eva Chapman - author of the book Sexy at 70 - loves role playing and adopts the persona of a raunchy Russian bargirl paid to entertain the patrons, called Tatiana.

Eva, 73, who runs a smallholding in Exmoor, Somerset, where she lives with her husband, Jake, 75, a former physics professor, said: "In my sixties it was like I had a second sexual awakening.

"I was always a sexy woman, but when the menopause came, it was horrible. I went into a big decline and, for five or six years, I felt miserable. I was like a husk. I felt as barren as a pig's bladder and as if my days as a sexual being were over.

"I was still having sex, but I was just going through the motions. I didn't have any 'oomph'."

She picks up her story in the video above.