What the papers say – April 13

Prime Minister Boris Johnson expresses his gratitude to the NHS following his hospital discharge in many of Easter Monday’s front pages.

The Times leads with Mr Johnson’s words on his precarious position following an admission to intensive care with coronavirus symptoms.

The Daily Telegraph carries a similar line, with Mr Johnson saying he understands the pressure that the NHS is under as it deals with the pandemic.

The Guardian focuses on the death toll from Covid-19 passing 10,000 as ministers are being criticised over access for personal protective equipment for healthcare and care home staff.

The Financial Times leads on the prospect of a debt moratorium for the poorest countries as the world hopes to avoid a crisis in emerging markets.

The i carries Mr Johnson’s praise for two nurses in particular, one from New Zealand and another from Portugal.

While TheSun calls the pair “BoJo’s angels” and the Daily Express quotes Mr Johnson as saying that NHS heroes are “the beating heart of this country”.

The Daily Mirror writes that Britain’s death toll from Covid-19 could be the worst in Europe.

While the Daily Mail leads with what it calls a “fiasco” over some safety kit being imported from China which has failed safety tests.

And the Daily Star leads on criticism of Ross Kemp who is reported to be filming a new show in an intensive care unit.