More than 60,000 Scots volunteer to tackle Covid-19

More than 60,000 people in Scotland have signed up to a volunteering campaign to help tackle the Covid-19 crisis.

Scotland Cares was launched by the Scottish Government on March 29 to encourage volunteers to do what they can in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

At a briefing on Sunday, Scottish health secretary Jeane Freeman announced that more than 60,000 people had put their names forward to take part.

She said: “It is now almost two weeks since Scotland Cares campaign was launched.

“By lunchtime on Friday, more than 60,000 people across Scotland had registered to help.

“Not all volunteers will be used immediately, but your offer of help is very welcome and I’m very grateful to you.

“At a time when all of us have anxieties and concerns of our own, it lifts our heart to see so many people stepping forward to help others.

“If you want to help out there is still time to register.

“You can get information on how to do that by signing up Ready Scotland’s website.”

There are three ways people can offer their time to volunteer.

NHS workers will be directed to existing recruitment arrangements in NHS Scotland, those wishing to support public services will be directed to a site co-ordinated by the British Red Cross, while those looking for opportunities with other charities or community groups in their area will be directed to Volunteer Scotland for information.