Game of Bones – sports commentator Andrew Cotter on Olive v Mable

The lockdown is depriving many of us of the chance to do what we do for a living, but commentator Andrew Cotter is finding a way to stay match-fit.

The all-rounder, most commonly associated with golf and tennis commentary, has taken to reporting on his two dogs and their pursuit of a bone.

In a video entitled ‘Game of Bones’, Cotter documents his dog, Olive, holding on to a toy bone, trying to keep it out of the grasp of his other dog, Mable.

He accuses Olive of “over-confidence” and “showboating” despite praising her “classic hold and great technique” in pursuit of “the coveted prize of being told she’s a very good dog”.

However, Mable bides her time and with seconds to spare, “takes a famous win” as she snatches the bone, a victory Cotter praised for being “built on patience and sheer belief”.