Owner trains talented duck to play the drum with its feet

Meet Ben Afquack, the duck, who has been trained by his owner to play the drum.

Derek Johnson can hold his pet up in the air and Ben will rapidly kick his feet on the instrument, all while maintaining a steady beat.

Mr Johnson got Ben at a farm store, when he was just a fuzzy, day-old duckling, and the young bird soon started following him around everywhere. Instagram photos show Ben perched on a paddleboard, sat in a hammock, and enjoying a dip in the lake with his adopted family.

Mr Johnson, a drummer himself, has enjoyed his pet's recent rise to fame, apart from the comments accusing him of animal cruelty. "It's kind of annoying, to be perfectly honest," he told City Pages. "If you could only see the pampered life this stupid little duck lives... it hurts my heart a little bit."