Coronavirus wrap: British Cycling to furlough third of staff

British Cycling has announced it will place one third of its staff on furlough in a bid to combat the financial implications of the coronavirus crisis.

In addition, members of the governing body’s leadership team will be subject to a 10 per cent pay cut for at least the next two months.

British Cycling chief executive Julie Harrington said: “At this stage, 90 roles – around a third of the workforce – will be furloughed, the majority in April and some in May.

“Other steps we are taking to manage the impact on our revenue include a 10 per cent pay cut in May and June for myself and members of my leadership team.”

Harrington stressed the organisation’s desire to bring back its furloughed employees once the magnitude of the pandemic has abated.

She added: “Employees who are being furloughed are among those we will rely on to ensure our sport can return with strength and, while they cannot work for British Cycling during this period, they are still part of our team.”

World Athletics has announced the postponement of its bidding processes for its 2023 World Athletics Series events until November.