Family uses Christmas lights to decorate their house in tribute to NHS

A family in Hampshire have decorated their house in Christmas lights as a tribute to NHS workers.

Gary Woodman and his family put up their lights to spell out the letters of the NHS in a bid to show a “little bit of respect” to those who are working on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

Mr Woodman put up the lights after realising that a member of the ambulance service lives opposite him in Chandler’s Ford, near Southampton, saying it was “only right” to show his appreciation.

The tribute saw “NHS” written inside a heart with Christmas lights on the outside of Mr Woodman’s home.

The light display is one of many tributes members of the public have shown to NHS workers since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak – with the most widespread tribute the weekly round of applause for key workers.

Two nationwide rounds-of-applause have taken place on March 26 and April 2 to show support for healthcare staff.