Tube drivers must be given protective gear, demands union

A union is demanding that London Underground drivers are provided with masks and gloves to help protect them from contracting Covid-19.

Aslef said its members working on the Tube are risking their own safety to provide a service for essential workers.

Aslef official Finn Brennan said: “Every day brings fresh news of friends, family members and colleagues being struck down by this terrible virus.

“Unlike politicians and managers, frontline transport staff can not work from home. Everything possible must be done to protect their safety.

“Tube drivers and other TfL staff are risking their own health and that of their families by leaving home to provide transport for vital staff.

“By refusing to close non-essential workplaces, the Government is endangering their safety and that of other key workers who rely on public transport.”

Tube drivers must be provided with masks, gloves and instructions on how to use them safely, said Aslef.

The call follows news over the weekend that five bus workers in London have died of the virus.