Adam Peaty is working on core fitness while shutdown keeps him out of the pool

Olympic gold medallist Adam Peaty has had to adapt his training regime due to the lockdown caused by the coronavirus crisis.

The 25-year-old, an eight-time world champion, would have been preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo if not for the worldwide pandemic that has seen the sporting world grind to a halt.

Peaty is unable to get in the pool at the moment and has had to change his workout schedule and diet in response to the situation.

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“Swimming is one of those things where you can’t really train unless you’re in the water and unfortunately we’re not going to be in the water for probably another three weeks, minimum,” Peaty told BBC Radio Five Live.

“It’s really hard for a non swimmer to understand the connection you have with the water. They say a day out the water is two days to get back so it just depends on how long the lockdown lasts and when we can get back.

“(I’m doing) gym in the house then a lot of running a lot of cycling, but mainly just staying on top of the core.

“But I’m fully aware that people have it 10 times worse off. The Olympics is 15 months away so there’ s no rush really.”

Adam Peaty celebrates breaststroke gold at Rio 2016
Adam Peaty celebrates breaststroke gold at Rio 2016

Peaty’s routine at the moment is far removed from his usual 10,000 metres in the pool on top of gym work, which means a change to his eating habits, too.

“The best thing we can do is stay on top of our diet, cos when you’re in isolation all you want to do is eat,” he said.

“I’m doing a lot of intermittent fasting until 2pm so I haven’t ate today. Just keeps the fat away and that’s the biggest battle we have.

“When I’m in full training… you’re probably looking at (burning) 4,500 calories, now I’m probably trying to stay around 2,500.

“There’s no point me now starting that diet that I need for the Olympics next year because by the time I get to the Olympics I’ll just be worn out.”

The Games have been pushed back a year and Peaty already has his sights set on peaking for next summer.

“All I needed to know was if the Olympics were going ahead or not,” he added.

“Now they’re not I can continue to work, continue to plan ahead with my coach.

“I’ve been waiting four years for this moment and it hasn’t come. But there’s way bigger things in the world at the moment.

“Hopefully if we can beat this thing and come together, I think the Olympics will be a great celebration.”