Neighbours sing happy birthday to boy whose party had to be cancelled

Families on a street in Highams Park in London rallied round to sing happy birthday to a seven-year-old boy.

Lewis Lloyd’s birthday surprise was captured on video by his parents Rowan Lloyd and Sharmain Thomas, who had planned the special moment on Thursday.

The family had originally planned for a pizza-making party at a local restaurant but had to cancel after they began self-isolating from March 23.

It was the first birthday party to which Lewis had invited his new friends from the school he joined in January.

His parents said it is the one thing that has upset him the most about the coronavirus lockdown.

Sharmain said: “Lewis was devastated he couldn’t have his birthday party with his friends.

“He doesn’t really cry or throws tantrums, but he has felt lonely during this time and misses them.

Lewis was celebrating his 7th birthday
Lewis was celebrating his 7th birthday

“He regularly asks questions about the coronavirus and whether you can recover from it.

“In truth, we are all concerned, but our priority is to make sure Lewis is okay.

“We are grateful to have more quality time with him and make sure we shower him with an abundance of cuddles and hugs.”

Lewis Lloyd's neighbours came out to sing him happy birthday
Lewis Lloyd's neighbours came out to sing him happy birthday

After she told the neighbours how upset Lewis was about having to cancel his party, the neighbours agreed to come out of their homes to sing happy birthday from their front doors.

The trio enjoyed a birthday party in their garden complete with music, pizza and a video call with Lewis’s grandparents.