UKAD boss says drugs cheats will be caught when testing is ‘ramped up’

UK Anti-Doping chief Nicole Sapstead has warned potential drugs cheats that reduced testing does not mean they can get away with doping.

UKAD has had to significantly scale back its programme of testing due to the coronavirus pandemic in order to ensure the well-being of athletes and staff.

However, Sapstead insists athletes and coaches seeking to cheat would be “strongly mistaken” if they think they can escape detection.

She told BBC Sport: “There will always be a minority that will seek to dope, and whether that is now, when they think they are effectively off the radar of national anti-doping organisations, or at any other time, my message to them is very, very clear.

“We will continue to process intelligence, we will continue to monitor whereabouts, we will continue to monitor the raft of information we have available to us, such as the athlete biological passports.

“All of this helps us to gain a picture of what an athlete might be doing during this time. And if they think they are going to get away with it then they are strongly, strongly mistaken.

“And at the time when anti-doping organisations start to ramp up their activity again, we will come after them.”