Trump says people can wear scarves to protect themselves against coronavirus

Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he would urge ordinary people to use scarves instead of masks so healthcare workers would have adequate supplies.

"You can use a scarf. A lot of people have scarves, and you can use a scarf. A scarf would be very good.

"My feeling is, if people want to do it, there's certainly no harm to it. I would say do it, but use a scarf if you want, you know, rather than going out and getting a mask or whatever.

"We are making millions and millions of masks, but we want them to go to the hospitals."

Scarves are not a safe alternative to N-95 masks, according to Raw Story.

While N-95 masks are specially created to filter 95% of impurities out of the air, many scarves are loosely knitted and can hold the virus in the fibres.