What the papers say – March 30

The deaths of two doctors from Covid-19 and warnings that life will not return to normal for several months lead the front pages on Monday.

The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express say it will be six months before Britain can return to normal life.

The Times and Metro also report on the six-month timeline, while carrying front page reports on the death of Doctor Amged El-Hawrani from Covid-19.

Pressure has increased for more protective equipment to be given to medical staff following the deaths of Dr El-Hawrani and a second doctor, Adil El Tayar, The Guardian says.

The Daily Mirror reports on “NHS hero” Dr El-Hawrani’s “death on the front line”.

The i leads with preparations to open a new emergency NHS hospital “within days”.

And the Daily Star exposes “wasters” among people who panic-bought food only to end up throwing it out.

The Financial Times leads with White House medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci’s warning that more than 100,000 people in the US will die from Covid-19.

And the Daily Mail shifts away from the pandemic crisis, leading instead with President Donald Trump saying the US will not pay the security bill for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex while they are in the US.