Cat scratching at wall uncovers stunning hidden art

By Kelsey Weekman, In The Know

Cats are mysterious creatures.

Sometimes they're loving, sometimes they're cunning, and in the case of a kitten named Zipper, sometimes they sense things we don't.

Ceejae Jackman told CNN that her zany, energetic kitten started randomly scratching up the wall in her spare bedroom.

After tugging at the wallpaper Zipper tore through, she found an elaborate mural underneath — and it covers the entire room.

"I was just amazed at the scope of it," she told CNN.

One wall features an enchanting yet gothic tree that looks straight from a storybook. Another features puffy orange clouds and a Buddha statue.

Her son, Garret Jackman, shared a video of the full masterpiece on Facebook.

"She will be keeping the mural," he wrote in his post. "I will make sure Zipper is adequately rewarded for his amazing find."

Garret Jackman said Zipper gets the credit for uncovering the artwork, but wasn't very helpful in the wallpaper removal process.

"Very playful, and only a little destructive. He was just sitting in the room watching us all remove the wallpaper on Saturday," he told CNN. "It was pretty funny."

The popularity of his Facebook post helped the family find the artist behind the mural — painter Jody Bayles.

"He does some really awesome work, so show him some love," Garret Jackman wrote.

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