Black cabs could transport doctors and nurses under plans to fight coronavirus

Black cabs could be contracted to ferry around doctors and nurses tackling the coronavirus outbreak, Boris Johnson has said.

The Prime Minister said on Wednesday that the “unsung service” was being considered for use transporting NHS workers safely across London.

The plans were being drawn up amid anger that the Tube network is still packed at peak hours, despite a lockdown aiming to prevent the public from coming into close contact with each other.

Prime Minister’s Questions
Prime Minister’s Questions

Mr Johnson was told by Sir Charles Walker during Prime Minister’s Questions that there is an “army” of drivers “itching to get involved like the Spitfires in 1940”.

“Can we find a way if we need to get doctors and nurses safely across London to use these black cab drivers, not on the meter but perhaps on a contracted basis?” the senior Tory backbencher asked.

The PM replied: “My honourable friend makes a superb point and indeed that has already been raised in our considerations.

“The black cab drivers are a fantastic service, they are an unsung service and I believe they can certainly rise to this challenge.”