Nextdoor launches Help Map in UK for neighbourhood support

Neighbours can now mark themselves as available to help others using neighbourhood hub app Nextdoor, the platform has announced.

The app allows users who live in the same area to connect and discuss community issues.

It has grown in popularity during the coronavirus outbreak and has now announced the launch of a new, interactive Help Map – which shows local people who are willing and able to help others who are self-isolating or vulnerable.

The feature will enable users who need help to check the map and see who could be able to assist them nearby, while those who choose to put themselves on the map can add details on the tasks they can help with.

Nextdoor Help Map
Nextdoor Help Map

Nextdoor said the feature had been “inspired by the outpouring of kindness from our members, to help neighbours even more and when it really matters the most”.

The platform revealed the creation of groups aimed at offering local support had risen around 15 times since social distancing and self-isolation policies had been introduced.

“As we practise social distancing and isolate ourselves at home to protect our health and the health of our friends, family and neighbours, we still need each other,” Nextdoor said.

“Nextdoor will continue to help users stay connected with their neighbours, to help, support and make positive change.”