RFL president Tony Adams urges rugby league fans to look after mental health

Rugby Football League president Tony Adams has urged fans to look after their mental health.

The rugby league season has been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Rugby union has ended the season in every competition apart from the Gallagher Premiership, while the Rugby Football League and Super League have been postponed until April 3 at the earliest.

But with people self-isolating to help stop the spread of the virus, Adams is worried it will impact their mental health.

“We are all deeply concerned about Covid-19 coronavirus. Especially for our family members and friends with health issues,” former Arsenal defender Adams wrote on rugby-league.com.

“I am concerned that these uncertain times and increased fear and anxiety are impacting on many people’s mental fitness.

“As well as taking responsibility for reducing the spread of the virus by following all the NHS advice, we can all do a few things to help our own mental fitness. And to support family or mates who might be struggling.

“Take care of yourself: connect with friends, family, colleagues, fellow fans – text and message – share your concerns; you will not be alone I promise you.

“Perhaps reduce the amount of media coverage you read and watch. Get out in the fresh air if you can; open windows and breathe in the outside. Give time to your mental health.

“Take care of kids: children need reassurance, and chance to talk about what worries them. Reduce the amount of news they are exposed to. Routines and positive distractions are great – include exercise in that.

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“If you’re self-isolating alone or with family and friends: keep in contact with others with social media and with phone and video calls – texts are great but so is the human voice and a friendly face. Create a daily routine that includes time for your mental health.

“And try to include exercise – it’s so good. From strenuous ones to just stretching or meditating – whatever works for you.

“Rugby League is making great online resources available to everyone in the game and my charity will continue to support you however we can.

“Take care of yourself and yours and let’s continue to look after each other.”