Liverpool stadium stewards offer to help out at over-run supermarkets

Liverpool stewards are volunteering to help with crowd control and assisting the elderly with their shopping at supermarkets, the club’s chief executive has said.

Over the past few days images have been shared of chaotic scenes at supermarkets as long queues form for groceries, while a number of branches have introduced restrictions to prevent panic buying during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore said his club’s stewards were on hand to help manage the situation.

“Message to supermarket managers here on Merseyside. Our stadium stewards here @LFC are offering their time and expertise in volunteering to help with crowd control, queue management, parking control, assisting the elderly and infirm taking their groceries to their cars, etc,” Moore wrote on Twitter.

“They are truly the best in the business and would be delighted to help in whatever way you would deem appropriate (and safe) on your premises. Please DM me so that I can put you in contact. #YNWA”

It is the latest gesture from football clubs, a number of whom have already donated food, pledged help with food banks, or donated the use of facilities to healthcare services in recent days.