What the papers say – March 19

The closure of schools in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak leads many of the papers on Thursday, while some report that London is on the verge of “shutdown”.

The Times reports the death toll from people affected with Covid-19 has passed 100 as Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered the first nationwide closure of schools.

The Daily Telegraph says the army are on standby to deliver supplies as the number of cases continues to grow.

Mr Johnson was “forced to act” on schools after the virus spread quicker than expected, according to The Guardian.

The Financial Times covers the markets’ reaction to the ongoing pandemic which have been “gripped by fear as faith in government intervention has run out”.

Metro leads with the headline “Schools out, exams off”, while the i runs with “schools close tomorrow”.

The Independent carries a picture of people rushing into a shop as supermarkets set limits to prevent stockpiling, while the paper leads on the school shutdown.

The Sun mocks up a blackboard and says exams planned for May and June have been postponed indefinitely.

The Daily Mirror reports on “pandemic confusion” as “families and teachers have been left in the dark over details”.

The Daily Mail says the move to shut schools will impact millions of families.

Scientists are working “faster than ever”to deliver new treatments in the fight against coronavirus, the Daily Express reports.

And the Daily Star says Britain’s “toilet roll kings” are taking on those hoarding supplies.