Savings by sector from coronavirus business rates holiday

With Chancellor Rishi Sunak announcing a business rates holiday for all firms in the leisure and hospitality and retail sectors as part of the fight against the coronavirus, ratings experts believe restaurants and pubs alone could save £1 billion.

Ratings experts at real estate adviser Altus Group have broken down the sectors in England, excluding those already told at the Budget that they would already get a discount, according to the latest records.

– Hospitality

10,697 Pubs – £594.84m
8,010 Restaurants – £525.69m
5,933 Hotels – £1.18bn
1,350 Caravan parks – £130.27m
571 Cinemas – £104.31m

– Retail

35,989 Non-food shops – £3.51bn
10,004 Retail warehouses & food stores – £1.36bn
3,400 Superstores/hypermarkets – £2.68bn
3,139 Smaller supermarkets – £352.68m

Pubs and restaurants have been particularly hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, with several warning the sector faces mass unemployment without financial support.