What the papers say – March 15

Updates on the outbreak of the coronavirus feature on many of Sunday’s front pages, with reports including the increasing death toll in those with Covid-19 through to political steps being taken against the pandemic.

The Sunday Times reports the NHS is to buy beds in private hospitals as part of a plan enacted by the Prime Minister amid fears the coronavirus is spreading faster than planned.

The Sunday Telegraph says Boris Johnson has put industry “on a war footing” against the virus, as he urges factories to make thousands of respirators.

The Observer leads on a similar story, saying the NHS and private providers will “join forces” following fears the publicly funded hospitals will not be able to cope with the number of patients.

Reports that the army will be brought in to guard supermarkets and hospitals lead the Mail on Sunday, with the paper also saying over 70s will be asked to stay in isolation.

The same story features in the Sunday Express, with the paper saying the move is likely to be introduced in the next 20 days.

The Sunday Mirror reports 8,000 beds will be brought by the NHS as the country declares “war” on the virus.

While the Sunday People says a “desperate” NHS is to pay £2.4 million a day for the private beds.

The Independent leads on the increasing death toll of people infected by Covid-19 with the number of cases also going up.

And the Daily Star on Sunday reports on fears details about the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, being “hidden by the secretive French authorities”.