Terrifying moment crocodile charges at group of children on riverbank in Australia

This is the terrifying moment a crocodile lunged at a group of children who were watching it from a riverbank.

The youngsters gathered at the boating ramp next to the water in Aurukun in North Queensland, Australia, on Wednesday (March 11) afternoon.

They were watching the huge saltwater croc as it glided through the water.

However, sensing that there could be a potential meal on the shore, the beast moved towards the kids.

Footage from bystander Rosie Woolla shows how the bare-footed children began yelling and screaming as the killer reptile drew closer.

They even hurled a few objects into the water to try and scare it away.

The crocodile gave a huge snap of its powerful jaws before disappearing below the waterline.

Rosie said the crocodile appeared to be chasing a bottle through the water as bystanders attempted to lure the animal ashore to see how big it was.

She said she was terrified by the reptile and didn't want to get any closer while recording it with her phone.

Rosie added: ''There was a lot of shouting so I went to look and then saw the crocodile. It was so big. People threw things at it to scare it away.''

Earlier this week, a three-metre saltwater crocodile was filmed 100 metres from an Ingham school, 112km north-west of Townsville.